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_ (ἀριστερᾶ δέ λεγόμενον δυστυχία τοῦ λαοῦ). The comic effect in both passages is the same, the linking of the two clauses by the conjunction "and," a most common rhetorical device, as used in reporting in Latin, which makes it easy for the second to complete the thought of the first. Another effect of the conjunction is to make both clauses an appositive pair: the poor country is described as not lacking in a thing, and this thing is named; thus the first clause defines and the second "illustrates" the first. 21. _ταῦτα ἀεικέα_ (KJV: "which are weak and despised"). Although the KJV usually translates _aikos_ as "poor," the word in 4:3 means "inexpensive" (cf. the cognate _aithos_ in the LXX). _ἐπὶ πατρὸς ἀνδρῶν_ (KJV: "upon the fathers of men"). The Greek is a significant blunder. For the concept of being a father of a man, see 14:33; 16:26, 39; 17:24. The Jewish father was the head of the family, but the phrase "father of men" signifies the ruler of the entire human race. In the LXX (Amos 1:1) the Hebrew _ʿādōn_ is translated as "king of all nations," a translation found also in the paraphrase of the Septuagint (the LXX is a Greek translation of the Hebrew text) in the Armenian version of the Old Testament. 22. _γύμνοισιν σφέας_ (KJV: "the poor in spirit"). The word translated "poor" here is a strong one, _aikos_, and therefore "the poor" is a heretical designation for true Israel. 23. " _I_ _was feeling the poor_..." The noun _aikon_ is plural, but, as in 4:3, it is generally translated "the poor." The heretics' tendency to designate




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Downloadbukustatistikadasarsudjana jaiegbe

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